Additional Requirements

To build and run Galliwasp's compiler, SWI-Prolog must be installed. Additionally, the Lparse grounder is recommended for preparing input programs for the compiler. These programs are not included in the Galliwasp distribution, and may be obtained from their respective sites. For additional requirements, see the README file included in the Galliwasp distribution.

Bug Reporting

While we strive to work out any problems prior to release, Galliwasp is under continuous development, so bugs may turn up from time to time. If you encounter cases where Galliwasp crashes or returns an incorrect answer set, please let us know by sending an email to with "Galliwasp Bug Report" in the subject. To help us fix the problem as quickly as possible, please include any error messages encountered, and in the case of incorrect answer sets being returned, the problem or instance used, the output received, and the output expected.


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